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Pipes and Skids

We provide the market with a wide range of Foam & Deluge Skids customized to need using state-of-the-art modeling and engineering solutions.

In addition to skids, we specialized in various custom-designed structural steelworks. Our engineering team and certified welders work with WPS & PQR approved welding processes to produce products of excellence guaranteeing client satisfaction.
Our fabrication work is done under strict compliance to our quality and inspection procedures applied to every fabrication stage, albeit welding, grit blasting, hydro-testing, and surface protection and finishing. Customers are provided with windows to witness the fabrication of thier product at any stage in person or through their appointed quality certifying agency.

• Balanced Pressure Proportioning Foam Skids

• Bladder Tank Foam Skids

• Turbine Type Proportioning Foam Skids

• Horizontal and Vertical Deluge Skids

• Wet Barrel Hydrants

• Wet Barrel Monitor Hydrants

• Elevated Monitor Structures

• Fire Water Manifolds



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