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Cabinets & Hose Reels

REDA Hazard Control can design and produce various sizes and shapes of standard and custom-built cabinets using computerized numerical control machines for high precision.

Aiming on accuracy and ultimate finish, all associated processes, including the liquid and powder coating technologies, are utilizing in-process inspection and quality monitoring to assure the final deliveries are identical to the demo samples provided to obtain customer approval.

• Fire Hose Reel & Rack Cabinets

• Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

• Fire Hydrant Cabinets

• Bunker Gear Cabinets

• Breathing Air Storage Cabinets

• Fire Extinguisher Pan Stands

• Combination Fire Hose Reel & Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

• Fire Valve Cabinets

• Foam Drum Shelters

• Breathing Air Cascade System Monitoring Cabinets

• Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Shelter & Cabinets

• Fire Water Hose Reel Stations

• Foam Hose Reel Stations



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