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Who we serve

When inquiring about our services, you’ll be matched with a team member who is familiar with the needs of your industry.

Walking Under Gas Pipes

Oil & Gas

It’s no secret that the oil and gas industries face numerous hazards on a daily basis. Our staff is trained and experienced in providing solutions to the companies within this industry. REDA Hazard Control is prepared to help you reduce risk and protect your people. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your people and assets safe from the hazards of this industry.

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One of our most-served industries is Petrochemical. Our staff is well trained to understand the nature of this industry, inside and out. We’ll help you work through the technical aspects of installing and implementing our engineered services for the petrochemical industry. Our engineers will work with your company to develop sustainable solutions that meet your fire, safety, and security needs.

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REDA Hazard Control provides its clients in mining with solutions for their fire, safety, and security needs. As more stringent regulations continue to come forth, we’ll work with you to make sure that you’re meeting compliance standards and keeping your employees safe. From fire suppression systems to safety products to site security…. We’ve got you covered.


REDA Hazard Control partners with those who manufacture and distribute high-quality products and supplies. Our partners provide tactical armor, firearm accessories, and communication devices that support your military personnel. Contact us today to get started.





Those who work in aviation know that there are specific hazards unique to their industry. Our trained and experienced experts can help you to find the right solutions. Whether it’s private or commercial, your aviation company can rest assured that REDA Hazard Control will take care of anything that comes your way.


Companies in the power generation industry often have need of all three REDA Hazard Control services: fire, safety, and security. Power generation is one of our most-served industries. Our clients appreciate REDA Hazard Control's ability to provide solutions to all of their hazard control needs. REDA Hazard Control is a one-stop-shop for those seeking products, services, and systems for their power generation facilities.

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Power Generation

Stainless Steel

Steel & Aluminum Production

Because we partner with manufacturers who produce high-quality safety products, REDA Hazard Control is able to provide you with the tools and equipment necessary to protect your employees. The steel and aluminum production industry is often faced with hazards and conditions that need to be dealt with accordingly. Our specialized staff can help you with your fire, safety, and security needs, and will customize its solutions to meet the demands of steel and aluminum production.

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REDA Hazard Control has the experience and resources necessary to provide expert advice to the drilling and maritime industries. We’ll help you optimize your safety and security with our turnkey products, systems, and services. An industry like no other, drilling, and maritime is not one that we take lightly. There are many challenges to protecting your platforms, ships, and of course, your employees. But we are confident in our abilities and are ready to help.


Drilling & Maritime


Water Desalination

The process of desalinating water comes with its own unique hazards and challenges. Clients in this industry may have need of all three REDA Hazard Control services – fire, safety, and security. Let us help you find solutions to the daily challenges you face within this industry.


The business of transportation requires specialized solutions that will protect your shipments from theft, loss, and other unforeseen events. Our team will help you analyze your fire, safety, and security needs. We’ll then offer you a variety of solutions which you can quickly and easily implement.



Construction Workers


REDA Hazard Control serves clients in the construction industry, with a variety of different needs. Most recently, we added services to include Engineering Procurement and Contracting (EPC) solutions. This allows us to serve those who are in the business of new construction, by offering turnkey solutions specific to your EPC and construction needs.

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