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Verdifor® was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by REDA Hazard Control with the aim of offering comprehensive environmental solutions to its esteemed customers, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious objectives for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Verdifor® stands as a forward-thinking company dedicated to transforming Saudi Arabia’s sustainability efforts, providing state-of-the-art solutions that encompass electric vehicles, electric chargers, solar energy, and more.


Our range of solutions consists of but is not limited to: 


Electric Vehicles
    - TX Electric Taxi
    - VN5 Electric Van

EV Charging
    - AC EV Chargers
    - DC EV Chargers

Solar Energy
    - Energy Management and Auditing
    - On-grid Solar System
    - Off-Grid / Standalone Solar System
    - Hybrid Solar System
    - Solar Street Lighting
    - Solar Water Pumping System
    - Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Solar and EV Safety
    - Solar Panel Blackout
    - EV Emergency Plug
    - EV Quarantine Container
    - Car Fire Blanket
    - EV Lithium Battery Cooling Tool

For more details, please visit our dedicated website: 

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