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Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Our doors cover various types and sizes of steel and lead-lined doors, double and single swing, fire-rated and manufactured as per the highest international standards meeting ANSI, SDI, HMMA, and NFPA.


All our doors are supported with robust frames to maximize the protection level. Our frames are constructed of quality cold-rolled steel ASTM A366 or hot-dip galvanized steel sheet ASTM A526, G90 for various thicknesses of doors, with the specifications conforming to SDI-111A


In addition, we provide a variety of the highest quality hardware, which is a perfect fit for each door and provides the best operation for its specific job. 

Each product has been tested with Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with UL10b and UL10c standards.


  • Fire Rated for ¾ Hours, 1 ½ Hour, and 3 Hours.

  • Steel or Lead lined (for radiation isolation).

  • Customized dimensions. 

  • Provided with Hardware/ provision, vision panel, and/ or louvers.

  • Multiple Fire Rated/ Non-rated cores.

  • Multiple finishing options: liquid or powder coating. 

  • Welded, knocked down, architectural entrances, sidelights, and borrowed lights matching frames.

  • Door hinges, locks, closers, emergency push bars.



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