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Process Solutions 

REDA Process Equipment, along with its partners, has the capability to design, supply, install, test, and commission the following process equipment and systems. 


  • Chlor-Alkali Equipment, Towers, Columns, Reactors, Skids, Flares, Process and Boiler Burners, and Heat Exchangers.

  •  Installation of Flares, Molecular Seal, Process and Boiler Burners, Ignitors and Scanners, Liquid Seal Drums, Flare Gas and Vapors Recovery Units.

  • High Ignition System Replacement, Installation, Testing and Commissioning.

  •  Structural and Piping Works.

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Activities.

  • Cabling and Loop Checking.

  • High Elevation Rigging.

  • BMS Upgrade.

  • Column and Tower Internals Including Trays, Packings, Demisters.

  • Tower Services Including Code Welding Work Related to Repair, Replacement and Field Fabrication of Towers and        Vessels, Blinding, De-Blinding, Opening, Cleaning, and Inspecting.

  • Nozzle Repair, Replacement, and Installation.

  • Turnarounds, Outages, and Shutdowns.

  •  Container Services During Shutdown.

  • Installation of Electric Motors (0.75 kW to 60 MW) and Drive Systems Up to 60MW.

For more details, please visit our dedicated website: 



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