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Engineered Fire & Gas Detection Systems

REDA Hazard Control offers an extensive range of fire and gas detection systems from leading manufacturers across Europe and the USA. Working with the world’s leading consultants and international contractors, our abilities to design, install and commission bespoke detection systems for global mega projects, often leads us to design some of the most formidable systems in demanding industrial environments.

Our Engineered Fire and Gas Detection’ core activity covers the following:

  • Fire Alarm Systems

    • Digital Addressable Systems​

    • Conventional Systems

    • Front End Graphics/Software Packages

  • Fire Detection Systems

    • ​Intrinsically Safe Detection Devices (Smoke and Heat Detectors)

    • Aspirating Smoke Detection (VESDA)

    • Fire Beams Detection

  • Gas Detection Systems ​

    • Fixed Gas Detectors – General purpose, Hazardous Area & Open Path.

    • Area Gas Detectors – Toxic/H2S, Combustible

    • Fixed Flame Detectors

    • Controllers

    • Wireless Solutions

    • Personal Gas Monitors and Measuring Devices



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