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Passive Fire Protection Systems

​​Safety Has Many Dimensions; Installation Options at a Glance:

  1. Cable penetration sealing solutions

  2. Mineral fibre penetration sealing solutions (wall)

  3. Mortar penetration sealing solutions (wall)

  4. Installation of all types of fire doors 

  5. Raised floors. For example: PYRO-SAFE® CT ML Cable Tube

  6. Fire protection in and around joints

  7. Mineral fibre penetration sealing solutions (floor)

  8. Mortar penetration sealing solutions (floor)

  9. Fire protection systems for cables and cable trays

  10. Cable coatings

  11. Fire protection ducts. For example: Fire protection cable duct systems, e.g. installation ducts (rated for fire exposure from the inside)

  12. Solutions for fire protection systems for combustible and non-­combustible conduits and cables 

  13. Fire dampers

  14. Surface-mounted fire protection systems (single-sided installation)

  15. Installation shaft backfilling

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